►Green Ruger

The Green Ruger is a spare, kept in case a guest has a need for a fine rifle. It’s green because my rifle, from my first project, is stained Espresso, and my wife’s Red Ruger is stained red. A new color was needed. I didn’t want avocado, which is the green I had in stock, so I broke my rule about water-based stain and used that. It made a mess, and I had to go over the top of it with MinWax Special Walnut oil stain. I barely rescued the result.

Here’s the overall look of the rifle:

Ruger 10/22 with green/brown stain on the wood stockHere’s a closeup that shows the effect of the combination stain:

Ruger 10/22 with green/brown stain on the wood stockYou can see there’s some variation between where the green went, and where the brown went. Dang water-based junk. Even so, it’s not all that bad. You can tell I need to get out the matte-black paint to cover the white outline on the Millet/Desert Eagle rear sight.

The rifle has the GRG muzzle brake, the Tacticool22 muzzle adapter, the CNC Warrior lock nut, and the Lyman .584″ globe sight in the front. In the globe, I have the standard front blade reticle supplied by Lyman. It’s also a version with the Millet sight for the rear.

To benchmark it against latest results with my Ruger (and to get the sights lined up), I took it out and got the following 5-shot results at 30 yards with the usual Remington 36-grain brass-plated hollow points:

  • 0.5575″
  • 0.83″
  • 0.799″
  • 0.63″

That’s pretty decent shooting for a loaner gun, but I’ll still do a light bedding, without raising the receiver off of the pillar, to see if I can’t shave off a tenth of an inch or so and get the groups more consistent with each other.


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